Gemini Polarimeter (Gpol)




GPol-North is Shipped

The GPol instrumed destined for Hilo is shipped on 12th February 2002

The Instrument prior to packing

The Team + boxed instrument

Importance of GPol

Primary: Will make polarimetery observations on both Gemini telescopes possible for the wavelength 0.3 to 5Ám.


Major Milestones

CoDR 30 Sep 1999
PDR 20 Jan 2000
CDR 16 Jun 2000
Detailing manuf. & test October 2000
Acceptance Tests  


Recent Accomplishments

- Initiate manufacture
- Mechanical manufacture complete
- Electronic in progress
- Identify electronic effort
- Wiring effort by contract
- Establish time scale for obtaining waveplates
- Order in progress
- Agreement for the GMOS prism


Near Term Goals

- Assembly of 1 GPol mechanism
- Complete electronics assembly
- Functional test of retractor and rotator
- Software test under EPICS control
- Science test of a Waveplate with UIST






These pages were edited by Vicki Ramsay, UK ATC