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Matjaz Vidmar

FRAS, FHEA, MInstP, MBIS // PhD STS, MSc (Res) STS, MSc SaTiS, BSc (Hon) Physics

Early Career Reseracher in Innovation / Space Sector at The University of Edinburgh

Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator / Tutor ,
Space and Satellite Innovation Programme (DDI) / Science, Technology and Innovation Studies
School of Social and Political Science

Univeristy Teacher,
Mechanical Engineering Group,
School of Engineering

Co-I and Research Assistant
Business School

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Curriculum Vitae

2020- CFO and Busienss Development manager, Algacraft, Ltd
2020- Univerity Teacher, The Univerity of Edinburgh
2018- Research Assitant, Productivity Scale-ups (PIN) / Edinburgh Living Laboratory / Fife DDI AMC Project / HEIinnovate OECD, The University of Edinburgh
2017 Innovation Caucus Internship, ESRC & Innovate UK
2016- Editor, ISSTI Newsletter, University of Edinburgh
2015- Academic Tutor, The University of Edinburgh
2014- Operations Director, Emporium Julium
2011- Casual Staff (2011-2012), Duty Officer (2013-2017), Senior Observatory Educator (2017-) Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Visitor Centre
2012-2014 Contractual Work on Software Development, Blackford Analysis, Ltd.
2006-2011 Library Editor, Grammar School Library, Nova Gorica
2006-2008 Research Projects, University of Nova Gorica, Laboratory for Environmental Research
2005 Assembly Line, Iskra Avtoelektrika, Sempeter pri Gorici

University Teaching:
2020- Course Organiser, Marketing Technical Products (MAEE09003), The University of Edinburgh
2020- Guest Lecturer, “Back to the Drawing Board?: Ego-SNA in the “real-world””, Web and Social Network Analytics (CMSE11427), The University of Edinburgh
2018- Student-Led Projects Lead, Technology and Society (STIS08002), The Univeristy of Edinburgh
2017- Supervisor, Summer Student Projects, Institute for Astronomy, The Univeristy of Edinbugrh; supervising students: Maureen Cohen and Angus Millar (2017); Aisling Hurley and Matthew MacIntosh (2018); Margot van Laar (2019)
2016- Guest Lecturer, "Copernican Revolution" (2016) "The Discovery of Space" (2017), "Strike... In Space" (2018), "Rockets, Space and the Military-Industrial Complex" (2019),"Traces of Tracing teh Cosmos" (2020), part of "History of Science 1" (SCSU08002), University of Edinburgh
2015-2019 Tutor, "Evaluation Research Methods" (PGSP11373), Univeristy of Edinburgh
2015-2019 Guest lecturer, "Politics, Science and Innovation: The Case of Scottish Space Industry", part of "Ethical and Social Aspects of the Development of Modern Science", University of Ljubljana
2014-2015 Guest Lecturer, "Fake Science", part of "Fakes: The Anthropology of Counterfeit, Imitation and Disguise" (SCAN10061), University of Edinburgh

2015-2020 University of Edinburgh, PhD in Science and Technology Studies,
2014-2015 University of Edinburgh, MSc by Research in Science and Technology Studies,
2013-2014 University of Edinburgh, MSc in Science and Technology in Society,
2011-2013 University of Edinburgh, BSc (Hon) Physics, 2.1 class,
2009-2011 University of Aberdeen, MA Philosophy-Physics (1st & 2nd year),
2009 Maruritetno Spricevalo (National Grammar School Certificate) at Excellent (5) with 33 out of 34 points total,
2005-2009 Gimnazija Nova Gorica (4-year Grammar School)- European Class, Slovenia
1997-2005 Osnovna sola Frana Erjavca Nova Gorica (8-year Elementary School), Slovenia

2014-2018 1+3 Pathway Studentship, Science, Technology and Innovation Pathway, Scottish Graduate School in Social Science, ESRC
2013-2014 Highly Skilled Workforce Scholarship, Schottish Funding Council
2009-2013 AdFutura Scholarship, Slovene Human Resources and Scholarships Fund
2005-2009 Zois Scholarship, Employment Service Agency of Slovenia

2019 IoP Scotland Public Engagement Grant for NWHI-SAT Outreach Tour
2019 SGAC European Space Leader Grant for E-SGW in London
2019 IoP Scotland and Bristish Society for History of Science (BSHS) Public Engagement Grants for Curious Astronomy
2018 ESA ISEB Scholarship to IAC 2018 in Bremen
2018 STIS Knowledge Exchnage Funding (OISF 2018)
2018 SSPS Student Development Office Special projects Grant for "Is Astronaut Food the Future" CoDI Fringe show
2018 UKSEDS Public Engagement Grant and BSA Connecting Communities Grant for long distance outreach to Sutherland
2017 SSPS Student-Led Special Project Grant for Outer Space Research Workshop
2017 IoP Public Engagement Grant for "OISF-SAT Prnkey International Science Festival Space and Astronomy Tour"
2017 IAF Emerging Space Leaders Grant for IAC 2017
2017 SSPS Student Development Office Special projects Grant for "Outer Space - Next Empire?" CoDI Fringe show
2017 SGSSS Overseas Institutional Visit Grant for Research Visit to the Centre for the Study of Science at the University of Ljubljana
2017 STIS Travel Funding (London SpaceUp 2017, SIP 2017, IAC 2017)
2017 William Dickson Traveling Fund, The University of Edinburgh
2017 UKSEDS Public Engagement Grant for long distance outreach to Orkney
2016 STIS Travel Funding (EASST/4S Joint Meeting in Barcelona and SPRU50 in Brighton)
2016 SSPS Student Development Office Special Projects Grant for "Let Big Brother Watch" CoDI Fringe show
2016 IoP Public Engagement Grants for "I-SAT: Islay Space and Astronomy Tour" and "Let Big Brother Watch" show for Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas at Edinburgh Fringe festival
2016 BSHS Conference Grants for SSU50 workshops "Practising the Reflexivity Tenet" and "Between History, Sociology and Politics: Half a century of STIS"
2015 SGSSS Summer School Workshop Grant for "Strategic Etnographies" and "Document Analysis" workshops
2015 Graduate School Practice Programme ILW Grant for "Studnet Research Films" project
2014 Principal's Go Abroad Travel Fund, University of Edinburgh

2019 European Space Leader Award, Space Generation Advisory Council
2017 Emerging Space Leaders, International Astronautical Federation
2016 Edinburgh Award for Digital Ambassadorship, University of Edinburgh
2016 2nd Prize, School Heat, 3 Minute Thesis Competition, School of Social and Political Science, The University of Edinburgh
2016 Shortlisted Nominee, Outstanding Class Representative, EUSA Impact Awards
2015 Shortlisted Essay, ESRC and SAGE "World in 2065" Competition
2015 Most valued Participant, GLIC SpaceUp, Munich
2015 Edinburgh Award for Student Representation, University of Edinburgh
2013 Edinburgh Award for Peer-Assited Learning (PhysicsPALs), University of Edinburgh
2012 Innovative Learning Week 2012 Award, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh
2011 Honorary Mention, LiMUN, London
National knowledge competitions (elementary and grammar school, 2000-2009): gold awards in Slovene and History, silver awards in Logic, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English

Recent Research Talks:
"PERIpatetic Observatory/ies", Universales Locales Symposium, Edinburgh, 2020
"New Space and Agile Innovation: Understanding Transition to Open Innovation in the Scottish Space Sector", MAE Invited Seminar Series, Glasgow, 2019
"Enablers, Equippers, Shapers and Movers: A Typology of Innovation Intermediaries Interventions and the Development of an Emergent Innovation System", International Astronautical Congress, Washington D.C., 2019
"Mountains, Rockets and Space Races: 200 Years of Reaching for the Final Frontier", York Union, 2019
"MLP-GSSI Framework: Multi-level Perspective (MLP) Geographically-bound Sectoral Systems of Innovation (GSSI)", AsSIST-UK National Conference, Manchester, 2019
"Has the Birth of Mountaintop Astronomy led to the Death of Time Service?: The Changing Public Role of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh", Charles Piazzi Smyth Symposium, Edinburgh, 2019
"Is Risk Renormalisation Obscuring the Final Frontier?", Moon as a Contact Zone, Manchester, 2019
"'Cleaning Outer Space': Is Normalising the Problem with Every-day Metaphors Stopping Us from Doing Anything About it?",18th Alpe-Adria STS Conference, Graz, 2018
"Should you all talk to ESA!?", Stobie Talk, ROE, 2015
"Networked Innovation Moments: Multi-level Analysis of Geographically-bound Sectoral Systems of Innovation", STIS PhD Half-day, The University of Edinburgh, 2019
"Living Lab: (Planetary) Innovation Tackling Macro-Scale?", Planetary Environments in the Laboratory workshop, Stirling, 2019
"Knowing Known Unknowns: Exploring Risks and Their (Re-)Normalisation in Outer Space Exploration and Utilisation", SSTNET 2018 Workshop, Ljubljana, 2018
"Living Laboratories: Extending the Biosphere to Space?", IAC 2018, Bremen, 2018
"'The 10million eur/gbp Question':How Innovation Intermediaries Support Smart Specialisation? - 'New Space' Sector in Slovenia and Scotland", smartEIZ Conference, Zagreb, 2018
"Innovation Meets Outer Space: Transforming Networks, Organisations and People", EASST 2018, Lancaster, 2018
"New Space and Agile Innovation: Transforming Networks, Organisations and People", TETM, Edinburgh, 2018; IAC 2018, Bremen
"Building a Functional Typology of Innovation Intermediaries' Interventions", DRUID 2018, Copenhagen, 2018
"Innovation in the Scottish Space Sector: Changing Paradigms of Technology, Environment and Users’ Involvement", 17th Alpe-Adria STS Conference, Graz, 2018
"Living Laboratories: Space Data and Agriculture", 17th Alpe-Adria STS Conference, Graz, 2018
"Ego-nets and Whole Sets: 'Stiching' together the Scottish space industry innovation network", SNAS Seminar Series, Edinburgh, 2018
"Agile Space: A new take on innovation in Space Industry", NSSC 2018, Guildford, 2018
"The Role of Intermediaries Building Knowledge Networks", STIS PhD Showcase, The University of Edinburgh, 2017
"New Space- A new Innovation Culture", Next Generation Plenary, International Astronautical Congres, Adelaide, 2017
"The Changing Innovation Culture: New Space, SMEs and Scottish Space Sector", Science in Public Conference, Sheffield, 2017
"New Space - paving a New Way for Innovation and Industry", SpaceUp London, 2017
"High-tech SME Innovation: Between Networks and Products in the Scottish Space Sector", BIGSSS Summer retreat 2017, Bremen - Gut Ankelohe, 2017
"New Space, SMEs and the Changing Innovation Culture: The Case of Scottish Space Sector", STIS PhD Days, Edinburgh, 2017
"How Data SMEs are Changing the Innovation Culture in the Space Industry: The Case of Scotland" (poster), Data.Space 2017, Glasgow, 2017; UK Space Conference, Manchester, 2017
"It is Time for the Future: Towards a New Era in Space Exploration and Industry" (invited keynote), SpaceUp Manchester, Manchester, 2016
"Biographies of Innovation: Networks and Produstc in The Scottish Space Industry", 4S/EASST Joined Conference, Barcelona, 2016
"Networks and Knowledge Flows: The Case of Scottish Space Industry", iDocQ, Glasgow, 2016; SNAS Seminar, Edinburgh, 2016
"Understanding Innovation networking: The Case of Scottish Space Sector", SpaceUp Glis, Geneva, 2016
"Knowledge Networks at the Heart of the Space Industry: The case of Scotland" (poster), Reinventing Space 2015, Oxford; SUPA Cormack meeting, The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Edinbrugh, 2015; SSU50 Workshop, Edinburgh, 2016
"Networks - The Missing Link in Understanding High-tech Innovation: The Case of Space Sector in Scotland", Annual Meeting of Slovenian Sociological Association, Ljubljana, 2015
"It IS Rocket Science! - Understanding NPD through 'Biographies of Innovation'", ISSTI Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh, 2015; SpaceUp GLIC, Munich, 2015
"Seeing 'Progress' - Visualising Biographies of Innovation", ISSTI retreat, Newbattle Abbey, 2015
"Where Do I Start?", 3rd Scottish Space Symposium (Challenge Pitch), ECCI, Edinburgh, 2015

Recent Conceptual Talks / Keynotes:
"Why Satellite Data Matters?: (Planetary) Innovation Tackling Global Issues", terra_Nova Hackathon, Edinburgh, 2020
"Space and Astronomy Tours (SAT): (Out)reaching to Remote Communities", #RASreach2019, Newcastle, 2019
"Designing the future of space (and your career…)", Careers Launch, Belfast, 2019
"How to be a Space Entrepreneur?!", SpaceUp Leicester, 2019
"Is the Deep Space Gateway in the Right Place?", International Astronautical Congress, Washington D.C, 2019
"Astronomy and the Scottish Space Industry: An Overview", SpaceUp Glasgow, 2019
"Who Is Getting Off the Ground and How?: in the New Space Industry", SpaceUp Leicester, 2018
"Your (Bright) Future in the (New) Space Industry…", RIS 2018, London, 2018
"Scottish Space Enlightenment", Spectrum Symposium, Newcastle, 2018
"Gateway Earth: Propelling an Off-Earth Economy with a Modular Space Access Architecture", International Business Festival, Liverpool, 2018
"(New) Space in Scotland: A new era in Space Industry?", SPERO Network Meeting, Stirling, 2018
"New Space - New Opportunites: Between Networks, Products and Agility", Reinventing Space Careers Day, Glasgow, 2017
"Developing the Technical and Operational Framework for Gateway Earth Space Access Architecture", (poster) Reinventing Space, Glasgow, 2017
"Gateway Earth: A Pragmatic Modular Architecture for Space Access and Exploration", International Astronautical Congress, Adelaide, 2017
"From Science Wars to Post Truth: What are and aren't STS studies?", Stobie Talk, ROE, 2017
"Buying Into the Utopia: Gateway Earth, the Future of Human Exploration of Outer Space and Me", Science in Public Conference, Sheffield, 2017
"Living Labs - New Reasearch and Development Opportunities in Scotland and Slovenia", 3rd Conference of Young Slovenian Researchers, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, 2017
"Gateway Earth: The (Modular) Space Access Architecture fo rteh Future of Space Exploration", UK Space Conference (Soapbox Session), Manchester, 2017
"Join Us in Space!: New era - new opportunities", Stromness Academy and Kirkwall Grammar School, Orkney, 2017
"Gateway Earth Development Group: Building your gateway to space", NSSC 2017, Exeter, 2017
"Who Will Get Us There?: The journey to Mars- and back -and there again...", Manifest Destiny: Interdisciplinary forum on Mars Colonisation, The Univeristy of Edinbugrh, 2017
"Gateway Earth: Space Access Architecture", SpaceUp Manchester, Manchester, 2016
"To GEO and Beyond: Gateway Earth Space Access Architecture", Reinventing Space, London, 2016
"Gateway Earth - A gateway To Space", SpaceUp Glis, Geneva, 2016
"We Mean Business! - Me, Higgs and You", Stobie Talk, ROE, 2015
"'Back to Earth' on Innovation and Growth Strategy", UK Space Conference (Soapbox Session), Liverpool, 2015
"The Technologies That Expanded Time", (2nd) Edinburgh Time Netowrk Meeting, University of Edinburgh, 2015

Recent Public Talks:
"Helping Scotland Launch to Space!" (with Karina Wardak)[online], ROE Astronomy Talks, 2020
"What Has Space Ever Done for Us?", Caithness Science Festival [online], 2020
"Alba ad Astra!: Scotland is Reaching for the Stars", Edinburgh Astronomical Society, 2019
"What’s Up?: Putting Science into Stargazing: on expectations, exploration and expedience", ROE Astronomy Talk, 2019
"Brief History of Scottish Astronomy and Space Exploration", Midlothian Soience Festival, 2019
"From Standing Stones to Blasting Rockets: Is Scotland off to Space?", Forsinard Flows Centre, 2019
"Star From the Mountaintops, Inches in the Pyramids: Charles Piazzi Smyth (1819-1900)", Orkney International Science Festival, 2019
"Scotland - The Final Frontier?!", Cabaret of Dangereous Ideas, New Town Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, 2019
"The Scottish Space Industry and Future of Spaceports", Highlands Astronomical Society, Inverness, 2019
"A Signposted Guide to Astronomy in 8 Technologies", Tarbert Astronomy Group, 2019; Ferrycroft Visitor Centre, Lairg, 2019
"From Charles Piazzi Smyth to Scottish Spaceport: 200 years of reaching for the stars", An Lanntair Centre, Stornoway, 2019; Lochinver Village Hall, 2019; Mareel, Lerwick, 2019; Unst HS, Unst 2019; Carnegie Hall, Sandwick, 2019
"Universal Signals: Outer Space, (Tele)communication and Scotland", Goudie Lecture, Museum of Communication, Burntisland, 2019
"Where from and where to? - What is the deal with Scottish growing (New) Space Industry?", part of "Blast Aff!", Edinburgh International Science Festival, 2019
"What's Up?: on life, loneliness and laughter", ROE Astronomy Talk, Edinburgh, 2019
"What Are They Really Doing Up There?", Astronomy on Tap Edinburgh, 2018; Aidrie Astronomy Association, Airdrie, 2018, Tweeddale Astronomical Society, 2019; Falkirk Science Festival, Tripple Helix Park, 2019
"What's Up?: on matters light and dark", ROE Astronomy Talk, Edinburgh, 2018
"Slovenia Reaches to the Outer Space", Slovenian Science Festival 2018, Ljubljana, 2018
"Make It, Fire It Into Orbit!", OISF 2018, Kirkwall, 2018
"Universe: The Love Story",skyranMoon, the museum of the moon / OISF 2018, Stromness, 2018
"Is Astronaut Food the Future?", Cabaret of Dangereous Ideas, Edinburgh Fringe, 2018
"From Standing Stones to Blasting Rockets: Scotland in Off to Space!", SIGMA / BIS Scotland, Elgin, 2018; OISF 2018, Sanday, 2018
"Food and Space", Shoreline of Infinity's Event Horizon, 2018
"Everything: (You (Might) Want (to Know) About (Nano) Satellites (and Scotland))", part of Astronomy on Tap, Edinburgh International Science Festival, 2018
"Measuring the Length of a Shoestring: Space, Innovation and Scotland", part of "Spaceflight on a Shoestring", Edinburgh International Science Festival, 2018
"From Scotland to the Stars: New Space, Innovation and Agility", John Braithtwaite Memorial Lecture, Airdrie Astronomical Association, Airdrie, 2018
"What's Up?: or how three became one", ROE Astronomy Talk, Edinburgh, 2018
"Space & Scotland: Bringing about a new era in Space Exploration Industry", Leuchie House, North Berwick, 2018
"Dark Skies to Outer Space", Sutherland Science with Travelling Scholars, Tongue, 2018; Bonnar Bridge, 2018
"Key Trends in the Development of Global and Slovenian Space Industry", Slovenian Space Academy, Ljubljana, 2018
"The Space Industry in Scotland", U3A Astronomy Group, Edinburgh 2017
"Conquering the Universe: Between a myth, reality and new opportunities", Slovenian Science Festival (remotely from IAC), 2017
"Dark Sky is Your Bright Future", "An Astronomer's Daughter and Lost Armada Ships", "Celestial Harmony", "Doscovery of Space" and "Tales of Outer Space", Orkney International Science Festival, 2017
"Outer Space - The Next Empire", Cabaret of Dangereous Ideas, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, 2017; Midlothian Science Festival, Dalkieth, 2017
"Astronomy and Space Science in Edinburgh", Curious Edinburgh Tour, Moments in Time Exhibition, Edinburgh International Science Festival, 2017
"From Orkney to Space", OISF 2017 Launch, Kirkwall, Orkney, 2017
"Reaching for the Stars and Down to Earth Again: Space Industry in Scotland", ROE Astronomy Talks Series, 2017; Stirling Astronomy Society, 2017
"Let Big Brother Watch!", Cabaret of Dangereous Ideas, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, 2016
"Astrotechnology - and How it Changed the World", Bowmore High School, Islay, 2016
"Back to earth on Space Innovation & Growth Strategy", East Kilbride Kittoch Rotary Cliub, 2016
"What Has the Space Ever Done for Us?", Borders Science Festival, Peebles, 2015; Highlands Astronomical Society, Inverness, 2015; Dundee Astronomical Society, 2016; Astronomical Society of Glasgow, 2016
"Stargazing", Falkirk Distric Science Festival, 2015
"A Brief History of Astronomy and ROE", Snowdrops Festival, Cambo House, 2014
"How Did I Get Here - Careers in Astronomy and Science Communication", Forth Valley College, Falkirk, 2013; Gimnazija Nova Gorica, 2015

Recent Workshops' Organisation:
2019 "Out of the Cradle: Inclusive Systems in Outer Space", Royal Observatory Edinburgh
2017 "Outer Space Research Workshop", STIS Subject Group and SSPS Graduate School, University of Edinburgh
2017 "Survival Strategies for the Modern PhD Student", SGSSS Student Symposium, University of Glasgow
2017 "Between Science, Policy and Innovation: The Case of Space Industry in Scotland", part of Yonsei University Study Visit to Edinbugrh
2016 "The Past, Persent and Future of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies", AsSIST-UK 2nd National Conference, Part of SSU50 Celebrations, STIS, SSPS, University of Edinburgh
2016 "Practising the Reflexivity Tenet", SSU50 Workshop, STIS, SSPS, University of Edinburgh
2016 "Strategic Ethnographies", SGSSS Summer School 2016, Edinburgh
2016 "Algorithm Society" Scoping Workshop (C.39), Alan Turing Institute, London
2015 "Student Research Films", Innovative Learning Week (ILW), University of Edinburgh
2013 "Exoplanets - What Will We Find?", Innovative Learning Week (ILW), University of Edinburgh
2012 "Build Your Own: Time Machine", Innovative Learning Week (ILW), University of Edinburgh

University Representation:
2016-2019 Student Member, The University of Edinburgh Discipline Committee
2016-2019 Student Representative , Scottish Graduate School of Social Science
2014-2016 Class Representative (PGR Science, Technology and Innovation Studies)
2013-2016 Student Member, Senatus Academicus, University of Edinburgh
2013-2016 Student Member, College of Humanities and Social Science Postgraduate Studies Committee
2013-2015 Student Member (PG), College of Humanities and Social Science Quality Assurance Committee
2013-2014 Class Representative (MSc Science and Technology in Society)
2010-2011 Class Representative (PH2015, PH2516, PX2505)

Science Communication:
2017- Core Festival Volunteer, Midlothian Science Festival
2013- Demonstrator, "Sci-Fun" Project, University of Edinburgh
2013- Demonstrator, "Particle Physics 4 Schottish Schools" Project, University of Edinburgh
2012- Stand-up Performer, Bright Club Edinburgh - Science Stand-up Comedy
2012- Demonstrator, "Physics in the Field" Project, Institute of Physics
2011- Senior Observatory Educator, ROE Visitor Centre (see below)
2011- STEM Ambassador, STEM.Net
2011-2015 Demonstrator, "Lab in a Lorry" (Scotland) Project, Institute of Physics

Extra Curricular Activities:
2016-2017 Treasurer, Space_Ed Society, The Univeristy of Edinburgh
2013-2014 LEAPS Student Volunteer, LEAPS
2011 Secretary-General of AbeMUN 2011 Conference, overseeing all activities
2011-2012 Board Member, MUN Office, UNA-UK Youth Council
2010-2011 Vice-president for Model United Nations, UNYSA Society, University of Aberdeen
2010-2011 Founder and President of Aberdeen University Slovenian Club
2008-2009 Founder and Head of Humanities Club, Grammar School
2006-2007 Editor-in-chief, "OddelEk" magazine, Grammar School
2005-2007 Volunteer, Hospital for Children with Special Needs, Stara Gora
2002-2004 Slovenian Youth Parliament: President of Regional Youth Parliament and Youth Government (2002 - 2004), Rapporteur of National Youth Parliament (2004)

Language skills:
mother tongue: Slovene
active and fluent: English, Croatian, Serbian
active, but non-fluent: Italian, French

IT Skills:
understanding and active knowledge of electronics and hardware design
advanced knowledge of commercial writing and editing software ('office' suits)
computational skills in Octave/MatLab and Maple
fluent in Java programming language and basic HTML
basic knowledge of the design suite LabVIEW and CAD


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