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As a person born in Russia I find the current war started by Russia against the people of Ukraine abhorrent. I fully support Ukraine in the defence of their country.

Russia, stop the war and leave Ukraine!


Sergey E. Koposov
Reader in Observational Astronomy, University of Edinburgh
Affiliated associate professor, University of Cambridge
Office: C24, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
Phone: +44 131 668 8452
Email: skoposov (AT) ed (DOT) ac (DOT) uk

To students

I am accepting new PhD students. I am also happy to chat to any PhD or undergraduate students interested in galactic archaelogy, statistics or machine learning.

To postdocs

If you are looking to apply for one of the fellowships (Rutherford, Royal Society or others) and are interested in doing it in Edinburgh and work in the general area of Galactic archaeology, please check this page for a list of opportunities, and feel free to contact me to help with the application process and sponsor your application. Keep in mind that many of the applications have an internal (within Edinburgh) selection process, so please contact me in advance. On top of fellowships listed there are also Chancellor fellowship.

Featured recent papers

Unravelling the mass spectrum of destroyed dwarf galaxies with the metallicity distribution function
S5 : Probing the Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds potentials with the 6-D map of the Orphan-Chenab stream
DESI Observations of the Andromeda Galaxy: Revealing the Immigration History of our Nearest Neighbor
Constraining the shape of Milky Way satellites with distance gradients
S5: The Orbital and Chemical Properties of One Dozen Stellar Streams

All publications:




Research interests:

  • Dwarf galaxies
  • Stellar streams (See S5 project)
  • Milky Way structure
  • Gaia
  • Binary stars
  • Hyper-velocity stars
  • Large surveys
  • Databases
  • Data mining
  • Statistics

Press coverage/releases of some of work that I have been involved in


I created and support the large SQL database of all astronomical surveys called WSDB (whole sky database). If you are interested in using it, have big data/data mining ideas, please contact me.

Some software I've written or have been involved in developing:

q3c astrolibpy sqlutilpy pg hist pg healpix
arxiv-rank rvspecfit minimint dynesty

Me, Koposov Sergey