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Sergey E. Koposov, Reader in Observational Astronomy
Edinburgh University
Office: Royal Observatory, C24
Email: skoposov (AT) ed (DOT) ac (DOT) uk

Featured recent papers

Preliminary Target Selection for the DESI Milky Way Survey (MWS)
Broken into Pieces: ATLAS and Aliqa Uma as One Single Stream
Discovery of a nearby 1700 km s-1 star ejected from the Milky Way by Sgr A*

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Research interests:

  • Large surveys
  • Databases
  • Data mining
  • Statistics
  • Dwarf galaxies
  • Stellar streams
  • Milky Way structure
  • Gaia
  • Binary stars
  • Hyper-velocity stars

Press coverage/releases of some of my work

Some software I've written:

q3c astrolibpy sqlutilpy idl-sql
pg idl pg hist pg healpix arxiv-rank rvspecfit

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