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Module DbConstants

source code

Database constants. DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! All constants are defined in the WSA_InitiateArchive.sql script, alter them there, then run: src/parsing/ on that file, and check result into CVS.

Author: N.C. Hambly & E. Sutorius

Organization: WFAU, IfA, University of Edinburgh

Contributors: R.S. Collins

Functions [hide private]
intDefault() source code
realDefault() source code
floatDefault() source code
smallIntDefault() source code
tinyIntDefault() source code
dateTimeDefault() source code
charDefault() source code
commissioningProgrammeID() source code
nonSurveyProgrammeOffset() source code
nonSurveyProprietaryPeriod() source code
ukidssSurveyID() source code
ukidssLasProgrammeID() source code
ukidssGpsProgrammeID() source code
ukidssGcsProgrammeID() source code
ukidssDxsProgrammeID() source code
ukidssUdsProgrammeID() source code
ptsProgrammeID() source code
calibrationProgrammeID() source code
neighbourJoinCriterion() source code
multiframeUIDAttributeName() source code
shallowFrameSetTolerance() source code
adjacentFrameTolerance() source code
worldSurveyID() source code
sdssSourceTableName() source code
twomassSourceTableName() source code
twomassExtSourceTableName() source code
usnobSourceTableName() source code
rosatBrightSourceTableName() source code
rosatFaintSourceTableName() source code
firstSourceTableName() source code
irasSourceTableName() source code
ssaSourceTableName() source code
glimpseHRCSourceTableName() source code
glimpseMCASourceTableName() source code
glimpse1HRCSourceTableName() source code
glimpse1MCASourceTableName() source code
glimpse2HRCSourceTableName() source code
glimpse2MCASourceTableName() source code
mgcDetectionTableName() source code
nvssSourceTableName() source code
loadServerRwUsername() source code
loadServerRoUsername() source code
loadServerDbsOwner() source code
loadServerWfcamDatabase() source code
programmeTable() source code
externalProgrammeTable() source code
archiveCurationHistoryTableName() source code
curationEventUIDAttributeName() source code
programmeCurationHistoryTableName() source code
newlyIngestedFlagAttributeName() source code
releaseTableName() source code
yes() source code
no() source code
Variables [hide private]
  __package__ = None