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Package invocations

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Curation use case invocation scripts. Every curation use case has its own subdirectory (or package) within invocations. The script to invoke the use case is named simply, where X is the number of the use case. Each CU package may also contain additional modules for use by that CU script.

Package Organization

Package Tree for invocations
Package Tree for invocations

Curation Use Case Design

Each curation use case script follows the same design template.

1. An instance of the command-line interface tool class, wsatools.CLI, is created, containing the particular details -- name, documentation, etc. -- of that CU.

2. The message logger, wsatools.Logger, is turned on, and reports on the name and version of the CU being run.

3. An instance of this particular curation use case class is created, and its run() method is invoked.

This curation use case class is derived from curation session class, wsatools.DbConnect.CuSession, which manages all of the start-up and shutdown procedures that all CUs must perform, such as the database connection. Please see the API of this class for further information.

Requires: wsatools, PIL

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    Curation scripts
    Monitoring scripts

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