Datum Member List

This is the complete list of members for Datum, including all inherited members.
computeDistanceBound(double redSD, double blueSD)Object [static]
computeRACorrection(double radius, double dec)Object [static]
Datum(unsigned long long id, double ra, double dec, double sd)Datum
Datum(unsigned long long id, double ra, double orthoSD, double dec, double decSD)Datum
Datum()Datum [private]
Datum(Datum const &other)Datum [private]
decSDDatum [private]
gcDistance(Object const &other) const Object
gcDistanceMins(Object const &other) const Object [inline]
getDec() const Object [inline, virtual]
getDecSD() const Datum [inline, virtual]
getId() const Datum [inline]
getOrthoSD() const Datum [inline, virtual]
getRa() const Object [inline, virtual]
getSD() const Datum [virtual]
idDatum [private]
isSmallSeparation(Object const &other) const Object
Object(double ra, double dec)Object
operator=(Datum const &)Datum [private]
orthoSDDatum [private]
print(std::ostream &os) const Datum [virtual]
sdDatum [mutable, private]
validSDDatum [mutable, private]
zAlphaObject [static]
~Datum()Datum [inline, virtual]
~Object()Object [inline, virtual]
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