SpatialIndex Member List

This is the complete list of members for SpatialIndex, including all inherited members.
area(uint64 ID) const SpatialIndex
area(const SpatialVector &v1, const SpatialVector &v2, const SpatialVector &v3) const SpatialIndex
buildlevel_SpatialIndex [private]
getBildLevel()SpatialIndex [inline]
getMaxlevel()SpatialIndex [inline]
htmInterface classSpatialIndex [friend]
idByLeafNumber(uint32 n) const SpatialIndex [inline]
idByName(const char *)SpatialIndex [static]
idByPoint(SpatialVector &vector) const SpatialIndex
idByPoint(const float64 &ra, const float64 &dec) const SpatialIndex [inline]
index_SpatialIndex [private]
isInside(const SpatialVector &v, const SpatialVector &v0, const SpatialVector &v1, const SpatialVector &v2) const SpatialIndex [private]
layers_SpatialIndex [private]
leafCount() const SpatialIndex [inline]
leafNumberById(uint64 ID) const SpatialIndex [inline]
leaves_SpatialIndex [private]
makeNewLayer(size_t oldlayer)SpatialIndex [private]
maxlevel_SpatialIndex [private]
nameById(uint64 ID, char *name=0)SpatialIndex [static]
nameByLeafNumber(uint32 n, char *name=0) const SpatialIndex [inline]
nameByPoint(SpatialVector &vector, char *s=NULL) const SpatialIndex [inline]
nameByPoint(const float64 &ra, const float64 &dec, char *s=NULL) const SpatialIndex [inline]
newNode(size_t v1, size_t v2, size_t v3, uint64 id, uint64 parent)SpatialIndex [private]
nodes_SpatialIndex [private]
nodeVertex(const uint64 id, SpatialVector &v1, SpatialVector &v2, SpatialVector &v3) const SpatialIndex
nodeVertex(const size_t idx, size_t &v1, size_t &v2, size_t &v3) const SpatialIndex
nVertices() const SpatialIndex [inline]
pointById(SpatialVector &vector, uint64 ID) const SpatialIndex
RangeConvex classSpatialIndex [friend]
setMaxlevel(int level)SpatialIndex [inline]
showVertices(ostream &out) const SpatialIndex
sortIndex()SpatialIndex [private]
SpatialConvex classSpatialIndex [friend]
SpatialDomain classSpatialIndex [friend]
SpatialEdge classSpatialIndex [friend]
SpatialIndex()SpatialIndex [inline]
SpatialIndex(size_t maxlevel, size_t buildlevel=5)SpatialIndex
storedleaves_SpatialIndex [private]
ValueVectorQuad typedefSpatialIndex [private]
ValueVectorSpvec typedefSpatialIndex [private]
vertices_SpatialIndex [private]
vMax(size_t *nodes, size_t *vertices)SpatialIndex [private]
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