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I study the formation and evolution of galaxies, specialising in observations at far-infrared, submillimetre and radio wavelengths. I currently lead science projects with the Atacama Large Millimetre/Submillimetre Array (ALMA) in Chile.

Current roles/responsibilities:

Recent roles/responsibilities:

Career history:

Director for Science, European Southern Observatory, 2014-23

Professor of Astrophysics, University of Edinburgh, 2013-19

ERC Advanced Grant holder, 2013-18 (COSMICISM)

STFC Senior Research Fellow (Individual Merit, RCUK), 2007-13, at UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh. Responsibilities over the years: new initiatives (generally), GMOS (for Gemini South), KMOS (for ESO/VLT), HRNIRS/PRVS (successful instrument bid for Gemini, until politics intervened), LSD/LST (the UK precursor to CCAT), FIRI (for ESA).

PPARC Advanced Fellow and lecturer, 1998-2001, University College London.

PPARC Advanced Fellow, 1997-98, Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh (based at Joint Astronomy Centre, Hawaii).

Higher Scientific Officer, 1994-97, Royal Observatory Edinburgh. UKIRT support scientist (developed first UKIRT archive).

NRC Postdoctoral Fellow, 1992-94, University of Toronto, Canada and Caltech, USA (with Ernie Seaquist).

University of Central Lancashire, UK, 1985-92. BSc, First Class Joint Honours, Astronomy & Physics, 1988. PhD `A multi-frequency study of symbiotic stars' supervised by Mike Bode and Ian Robson, 1992.

Darwen Vale High School, Lancashire, UK, 1977-84 (a "bog-standard comprehensive", in UK lingo).



Research interests and record:

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