Nick Rowell

Side projects:
Asteroid viewer
Hipparcos viewer
Lunar South Pole
Asteroid 3D printing
Meteor triangulation

Contact info:
Institute for Astronomy
University of Edinburgh
Royal Observatory
Blackford Hill
I am a researcher and developer with the Wide Field Astronomy Unit at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh, working on the data processing and analysis pipelines for the Gaia astrometric satellite. My main area of research involves the measurement and calibration of the point- and line-spread-functions of the optical system, which is crucial for the precise measurement of the positions of stars and other pointlike sources.

Other research interests in astrophysics include: white dwarf stars, proper motion surveys, stellar populations and the Solar neighbourhood. See my publications for more details.

I have also worked on industrial assessment studies for the Marco Polo mission, developing optical navigation techniques and simulation platforms designed for landing a spacecraft on a small asteroid.