I am a lecturer at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh. I got my PhD at the University of Heidelberg (Germany) in March 2003. Since then I have worked as a research associate at the Max Planck fuer Astronomie (Germany), the University of Victoria (Canada) and the University of Cambridge (UK). I am a Ramon y Cajal Fellow, and member of the Spanish Astronomical Society.

My research is focused on an exciting topic of Cosmology: the nature of Dark Matter, which we believe to be the major constituent of galaxies like the Milky Way. We do not yet have a definitive answer, but there are some stellar systems in the Universe that may provide priceless constraints on its composition, and those represent the basis of my investigations, like for example

  1. *dwarf spheroidal galaxies

  2. *stellar haloes

  3. *tidal streams

For those interested in the details of my work, here is a list of publications at the ADS Webpage


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The above images are a visual summary of an important aspect of being an astronomer: one has to move a lot.

Thankfully, this has given me the opportunity of living in awesome places of the world: Heidelberg (Germany), Victoria (Canada), Cambridge (UK), and now Edinburgh (UK).