Here are a few pictures of telescopes on Mauna Kea after some snow in Febraury 2001. Please do not reproduce them commecially without my permission. If you want more telescope pictures , click at the bottom.

Icicles hanging of the IRTF building. Photo John Davies

The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. Photo John Davies

Left to right, Gemini, the UH 88" telescope and UKIRT. The diagaonal black streak is the road from UKIRT down towards the IRTF telescope, from where this picture was taken. Photo: John Davies.

Taken from millimetre valley, the view expands to show, left, the CFHT and on the right the Caltech Sub-millimetre telescope. Photo: John Davies.

One of the cinder cones on the way down from the summit..

..and looking back we can see the Summit itself on the right, and one of the large cinder cones. The road the the summit goes through the pass between these two features and can seen as a dark diagonal line zig-zagging up the summit.

Pictures of La Silla?

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