Here are a few pictures of telescopes at SAAO. This was the first place I ever went to do professional astronomy. If you want to visit more observatories, click at the bottom. Please do not reproduce this images commecially without my permission.

These 3 domes hold, from back to front. the 20, 30 and 40 inch telescopes. I mostly used the 20 and 30 inch telescopes during my visits. Photo: John Davies.

Sunset over the domes of two small telescopes. The sky is pretty, but does not look good for observing tonight. Photo: John Davies.

A 30 inch telescope, I learned to do infrared photometry with this instrument. Photo: John Davies.

Star trails over a telescope dome. The sumdge of light running up to the left isthe Milky Way. You can see a "hole" in the Milky Way which is called the coalsack and is due to a dust cloud in space blocking out the light from the stars behind it. To the left of the coalsack are the stars of the Southern Cross. Photo: John Davies.

More star trails. This time it is Orion rising into the twilight. Photo: John Davies.

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