Here are a few pictures of major observatoires They are in small sections, grouped by location, to save on the time it takes to download them over slow links. If you want to work through in order, click at the bottom of each page. For shortcuts, click on the links here for SAAO, a Drive up Mauna Kea, go Straight to the Summit of Mauna Kea, see Mauna Kea in the snow visit ESO at La Silla, the observatory at Calar Alto the old Paris observatory at Meudon the observatory at Pic De Midi in France, the observatory at Torun in Poland and the VLT in Chile .

The 2.5m Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma. I use this telescope to study distant asteroids in the Kuiper belt . Photo: John Davies.

The 4.2m William Herschel Telescope on La Palma: Photo: John Davies.

The building of the 1m JKT, the smallest telescope of the Isaac Newton Group. Photo: John Davies.

Sunset at the Observatorie Del Tiede, Tenerife, Canary Islands. Photo: John Davies.

More Pictures of La Palma?

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