Undergraduate Teaching

These pages collect lecture notes I have given at Edinburgh at various times, with the date of the most recent delivery of the course. For the three cosmology courses and the quantum mechanics lectures I wrote all the material entirely from scratch; but for the other courses I inherited existing material that I then changed to varying extents. I therefore owe a debt to various colleagues (who I shall not name, for fear of failing to make a complete list) for parts of the material here - but I take full responsibility for the notes in their present form.

Current courses

MPhys General Relativity

MPhys Statistical Physics

Past courses

MPhys Radiation & Matter (2018/2019)

Junior Honours Fourier Analysis (2014/2015)

MPhys Advanced Cosmology (2012/2013)

Junior Honours Astronomical Statistics (2012/2013)

Year 2 Vectors, Tensors & Fields (2009/2010)

Quantum Mechanics 3 (2001/2002)

Physics of Stars & Nebulae 3 (2001/2002)

Astrophysical Cosmology 4 (2001/2002)

New Astronomies 1Bh (2000/2001)

Big Bang 1Bh (1999/2000)