The birth of the galaxies


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Table of Contents

The birth of the galaxies

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The Great Debate

Cosmic distances

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Galaxies everywhere

The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Deep Field

Age and distance

The expanding universe

Measuring redshifts

Hubble’s Law

The age of the universe

The distribution of the galaxies

Redshift surveys

The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey

2dFGRS geometry

The 2dF site

2dF on the AAT

Cone diagram: 4-degree wedge

Gravitational instability: hierarchical collapse generates ever larger structures

Simulating structure formation

Forming gravitational caustics

Non-gravitational caustics

The Hubble Volume Simulation

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Numerical galaxy formation

Predictions of theory

Observatories for high-z galaxies

High-redshift galaxies were less regular

High-redshift galaxies were smaller

The Hot Big Bang

The uncertainty principle (1927)

Quantum fluctuations and cosmic structure

Observing prehistoric structure

The future: NGST (2007+)

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Author: John Peacock


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