The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey

Final Public Data Release

Final power spectrum data

Slice image (yellow on black)

Slice image (blue on white)

Rotating slice movie (Claudio Dalla Vecchia)


The 2dF redshift survey used the two-degree field spectroscopic facility on the Anglo-Australian Telescope to measure the redshifts of approximately 220,000 galaxies during 1995 to 2002. This advanced the state of the art in large-scale structure by an order of magnitude in survey size, permitting a wide range of fundamental advances in cosmology. All data were released in July 2003.

The most important cosmological result from the 2dFGRS was the measurement of the galaxy power spectrum, initially in Percival et al. (2001), with a final refined estimate in Cole et al. (2005)). The 2dFGRS power spectrum was the most important external data set used by Spergel at al. (2006)) in the WMAP 3-year analysis, which confirmed previous suggestions from the 2dFGRS analyses of a density parameter below 0.3 and a tilted primordial spectrum with n<1.

The instrument

The 2dF instrument

Science overview from the 2003 IAU

The 2dF redshift survey