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Eric Tittley: Research Interests

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Numerical Simulation

  • Polar Temperature

    Reionisation and the Lyman-α forest


    • Avery Meiksin, IfA

    • Martin White, UC Berkley

  • Cluster collision temperature map

    Cluster Mergers, Cluster Oscillations, and Cold Fronts


    • Mark Henriksen, UMBC

    • Thomas Reiprich, UVa

  • Filaments in the intercluster medium

    Collaborator: Mark Henriksen, UMBC

  • The effect of hierarchical clustering on the state of galaxy clusters with a particular look at

    • The mass-temperature relation

    • The dark-matter density profile

    • The baryon distribution

    Collaborator: Hugh Couchman, McMaster University

  • Drag in SPH

    The behaviour of Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics in scenarios of cosmological interest

    • Drag on resolution-limitted structures

    • Super-cooling of hot gas in the presence of cold, dense structures


    • Hugh Couchman, McMaster University

    • Frazer Pearce, University of Nottingham

    • Rob Thacker, Queens University

  • The significance of resolving the Jeans mass in simulations of hierarchical clustering.

    Collaborator: Hugh Couchman, McMaster University

Observational X-ray astronomy

  • A3391-A3395 Filament

    Filaments in the intercluster medium of the universe

    Collaborator: Mark Henriksen, UMBC

  • A3266 Temperature Map

    Cluster mergers

    Collaborator: Mark Henriksen, UMBC


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