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Colin Snodgrass

Chancellor's Fellow in Data-Driven Innovation: Space and Satellite ROE / IfA
School of Physics and Astronomy
PhD projects (Solar System ones)
IfA Solar System research
Centre for exoplanet science
Data Driven Innovation
Scottish Planetary Science Research Network

University of Edinburgh
Institute for Astronomy
Royal Observatory Edinburgh
Blackford Hill
Edinburgh EH9 3HJ
csn (at) roe.ac.uk
colin.snodgrass (at) ed.ac.uk

0131 6688 379
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I am an astronomer and planetary scientist, and study the minor bodies of our solar system via remote observations using telescopes, and through exploration by spacecraft. My main area of expertise is in research into comets. I am the deputy PI for the ESA Comet Interceptor mission, and part of the teams working on the ESA Rosetta, ESA Hera and NASA Dart missions. As a Chancellor's Fellow in Data-Driven Innovation at Edinburgh I combine research and teaching with work on using space and satellite data and technology to advance commercial and societal improvements on Earth.

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