Institute for Astronomy, School of Physics, University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate Teaching:


Astrophysics Senior Honours and MPhys

Course Coordinator: Prof Andy Taylor


Astrophysical Cosmology

Course Organizer: Prof Andy Taylor


Course notes: Astrophysical Cosmology (pdf, 4.6MB)

Powerpoint notes: Astrophysical Cosmology 2006.ppt (ppt, 6.50MB)

Powerpoint notes: Astrophysical Cosmology 2006.pdf (pdf, 11.3MB)

Tutorial 1: Problems 1 (pdf, 30KB)

Solutions 1 (pdf, 48KB)

Tutorial 2: Problems 2 (pdf, 62KB)

Solutions 2 (pdf, 65KB)

Tutorial 3:  Problems 3 (pdf, 52KB)

Solutions 3 (pdf, 83KB)

Tutorial 4:  Problems 4 (pdf, 62KB)

Solutions 4 (pdf, 79KB)

Tutorial 5:  Problems 5 (pdf, 47KB)

Solutions 5 (pdf, 73KB)

Tutorial 6: Problems 6 (pdf, 54KB)

Solutions 6 (pdf, 80KB)

Tutorial 7: Problems 7 (pdf, 51KB)

Solutions 7 (pdf, 83KB)