This year has seen the start of operations with ALMA and SCUBA2 and many results from Herschel and Planck are emerging. A consultation on the future science with JCMT is currently underway.

With these events in mind, Ian Robson is organising a small workshop for UK astronomers to discuss the science drivers at submm wavelengths that will shape the UK science programme at these wavelengths over the coming decade. In particular, in the era of full ALMA operations we aim to discuss the scientific rationale for UK potential involvement in an extended or developed JCMT, involvement in CCAT and/or other future projects.

A small number of invited talks will give an overview of the science drivers, and the current and planned capabilities of facilities. However, significant time will be devoted to a workshop format where the aim will be to see if there is a consensus within the UK for how to proceed and therefore how to lobby for funding to achieve this aim. This is expected to the first in a series of focused meetings honing the science case for submm astronomy that will eventually feed into the funding discussions now being undertaken within STFC and leading into the next Programmatic Review that is expected to commence in 2012.

The meeting will be held at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh on Monday the 12th of December and Tuesday the 13th of December, 2011. We plan to start at 1100 on Monday the 12th (coffee from 1030) and end at 1600 on Tuesday the 13th.

A dinner will be provided on the evening of Monday the 12th.

To register for this event please enter you details on the workshop registration page:

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Please note that the closing date for registration is Friday 25 November 2011.

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