The release date of the JWST Cycle 1 GO (General Observers) Call for Proposals is January 23, 2020 and the deadline for APT (Astronomers Proposal Tool) proposal submission is May 1, 2020. The intention of this one day JWST workshop is to get local astronomers and scientists with specific scientific questions familiar with JWST proposal planning, including user tools, instrument modes,  documentation, and help resources.

Workshop Topics

JWST mission status, instruments and observing modes: NIRCam, NIRSpec, NIRISS, MIRI

Available proposal tools and end-to-end tools usage in including practical session using the tools.

There is no registration fee for this workshop. Please use the form below and provide some information on your interests and science questions. Deadline for Pre-Registration is Feb 28, 2020, accepted participants will be informed in March 2020 (registration will remain open until the maximum number of attendees is reached).

JWST Proposal Planning Workshop Registration

Details of the venue and program will soon be published on this website.

For further questions please contact Olivia Jones (olivia.jones [at]

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Directions to the Royal Observatory are detailed on the directions page.

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