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Training and CPD Workshop

We provide training for educators throughout the year, either here at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, or with partners at other venues across Scotland. Below is a list of our recent and upcoming training events, with details about each session, including links to booking information.

We run many of these events as part of the ESERO Space Education and Dark Sky Scotland partnerships.

Events in 2015


Tuesday 30th June, 10am - 5pm
Asteroid Day - Down2Earth Launch
Our Dynamic Earth

For primary and secondary teachers

To celebrate Asteroid Day we are offering entry to Our Dynamic Earth for you and your family (up to 2 adults, and up to 2 children), leaving you the morning to explore with your families. In the afternoon, there will be a selection of CPD sessions for you to choose from:

Our Dynamic Earth – Creative Science
By approaching science from a new angle you will discover ways to enthuse and engage children in science using creative arts. All activities are designed to be easily reproduced in a classroom or the school playground with minimal resources costs and using recycled items or readily available materials. Free resource pack for every participant.

LF Thomas Consulting – Is There Anyone Out There?
The ‘Is There Anyone Out There?’ resource is based upon the quest to discover more about our Solar System through space projects such as the Mars Curiosity mission, seeking to gather evidence of life on the planet Mars. This workshop highlights some of the key activities from the resource, in which pupils take on the role of space scientists or engineers to discover more about Mars.

Royal Observatory Edinburgh – Down to Earth
The ‘Down to Earth’ project is a meteorite loan scheme which is being rolled out to Scottish schools. In this workshop you will be introduced to the accompanying online resources and classroom activities, which can be used when borrowing the meteorites.

Throughout the day there will be asteroid themed activities, such as meteorite handling, comet making and information from the Stardust project.

If you are interested in attending, registration is essential. To register, please email providing a note of your school and how many adults and children there will be in your family group.


Past Events in 2014


Friday 22nd August
Seeing and Signing Stars - Interpreting Astronomy
Glasgow Science Centre

The aim of this training is to introduce the world of BSL/English Interpreting to the world of Astronomers.

During the day, there will be presentations about the recent work of the Science Glossary Project at the Scottish Sensory Centre, Moray House. Science communicators and interpreters will be introduced to the project and have the opportunity to understand, discuss and practice using the new signs for astronomical terms, such as <meteorite>, <big bang> and <nebula>.

There will be workshop sessions where science communicators can gain confidence and experience in working with interpreters and interpreters can develop fluency in signing scientific terminology.

Practical issues, such as how to interpret in the dark environment of a planetarium or a dark sky site will be addressed.

Find out more about the Science Glossary project on the Scottish Sensory Centre website



Past Events in 2013


Thursday 21st – Saturday 23rd November
Science Rocks Our World
SSERC, Dunfermline

The Royal Observatory Edinburgh team will be contributing space themed activities and resources to this residential course for primary teachers.

For full details and how to book, please see the SSERC website:

Science Rocks Our World


Friday 4th October
National Schools Observatory Teacher Workshop
Royal Observatory Edinburgh

Thanks to funding from Liverpool John Moores University, and the EU funded Discover the Cosmos and Open Discovery Space projects, the NSO held a series of astronomy-themed teacher training workshops around the UK. The CPD events focussed on how astronomy, and robotic telescopes in particular, can be used to support your teaching in a variety of STEM subjects, and beyond.


Wednesday 17th July
ESERO UK Space Education Meeting
Glasgow SECC, UK Space Conference

Major Tim Peake, astronaut with the European Space Agency, opened this FREE one-day meeting for space education providers and teachers from throughout the UK.


Sunday 9th - Tuesday 11th June
James Webb Telescope - Space As A Context For Teaching Science
Royal Observatory Edinburgh

The first part of a 2-part course run with SSERC, the National Science Learning Centre and the National Space Academy, for secondary science teachers. At the course teachers met scientists and engineers and visited the laboratory that is leading the UK’s role in the huge international scientific endeavour that is the James Webb Space Telescope.

JWST - Space As A Context For Teaching Science Leaflet [PDF/135kb]