Brownies Space Night

If you are a uniformed group leader, feel free to share this event recording with your group. Live polls, chat and Q and A were used during the live event. You won’t see these interactive features on the recording but your group can still have a go at home by writing down their answers or talking to the person watching along with them.

After watching if you have any questions for our space experts then get in touch and please fill in this short survey to tell us what you think.

Main Activities

  1. Virtual Stargazing using Stellarium (you don’t need to download it to watch).
  2. A closer look at real images of the Sun from the Solar Orbiter mission.
  3. Find out what it is like to be an astronaut. What can you eat in space? What skills do you need to use? How does a spacesuit help you survive?

Each person watching from your group will need:

  • A 30cm ruler (or as long as you can find) or other stick like object about that long like a wooden spoon.
  • A notebook and pen or pencil if you want to make notes for later or draw what you see.

Badge Requirements Covered

Virtual Stargazing to prepare Brownies for their Star Stroll, covering:

  • Point out the Plough and use it to find the North Star.
  • Point out two other constellations.
  • Look for something else in the night sky, for example, a satellite, planet or meteor. You can use an app, book or videos to help you.

Using the What Next resource sheet, including links for solar viewer making.

  • Find out how to create a sunspot viewer using a book or the internet, then make your own.

Astronaut Training discussion and short activities to inspire the Brownies to design their own programme at home.

Watch Now

Watch, share or download via Vimeo

What Next?

A list of handy online resources for you and your group. As these are external websites, we aim to check them regularly but please get in touch if you find any broken links:

What Next [PDF/641 KB]