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We are making available the recordings from our previous online astronomy talks that have replaced our normal evening astronomy talks schedule.

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Monday 22nd June 19:00-20:00 BST

CloudCatcher - How to Help Catch Clouds From Space

Caroline Cox

Clouds are beautiful. Seen from Earth, they provide a constantly changing backdrop to the sky. Seen from space, they are spectacular formations. However, clouds can be problematic for many Earth Observation missions interested in making observations of the atmosphere or land below them. I will discuss the process of identifying clouds in satellite images, specifically the Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer that flies on board the Sentinel-3 satellites. I will also introduce a new citizen science project, CloudCatcher, and tell you how you and your family can be part of it.

Please note that the captions that are available with this video have been auto generated and as such may contain errors.