Royal Observatory Edinburgh Support for Home and Blended Learning

The Royal Observatory Edinburgh provides free online resources and live and pre-recorded group sessions to help schools and home-learners use space as an engaging context for learning across the curriculum.

While our site is closed, the Royal Observatory Edinburgh and our partners are supporting schools and learners through:

  • Home-learning videos with lock-down-friendly space activities for primary pupils: See Below
  • Live and pre-recorded workshops and Q&A sessions with astronomers via Zoom. By arrangement, email:
  • The Deep Space Diary, a cross-curricular, student-led learning resource aligned with the upper primary curriculum: Deep Space Diary
  • The Research in Schools – At Home project, offering research experience supporting the secondary physics curriculum: Research in Schools

To learn more or speak with the team about other ways we can support you and your pupils, please visit our website at and contact us by email at or on Twitter @RoyalObs

Home-Learning Videos

Handy Solar System

Go on a Solar System scavanger hunt and create your own scale model of the planets using only your own body and things around your house.