Secondary Schools

Deep Space Activities

Our Deep Space activities have been devised with the Institute of Physics Scotland, to inspire secondary science classes. They are mainly used by S1 or S2 classes (Key Stage 3). They are, however, very versatile and can be used from upper primary to upper secondary. Students investigate two current themes in astronomy research - Galaxies and Exoplanets. They use data from real research in group work and model-making. To summarize their findings, classes are encouraged to present their work, for example, through a short film.

We have devised these activities so they can be used independently in the classroom by science teachers, or with an introductory session from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh either at your school or here at the observatory.

For a quick introduction to how we can support your astronomy activities at your school, watch this video clip:

Supporting Your Activities

Download: [MP4/5.08 MB] [WMV/10 MB]

The Deep Space resources were created with our 'Big Telescopes, Big Questions' theme in mind. The UK Astronomy Technology Centre designs sensitive cameras and other detectors for many of the world's best telescopes and for the big telescopes of the future - both on the ground and in space. One such 'big telescope' we are involved with is the European Extremely Large Telescope. This telescope will help astronomers find out more about exoplanets and galaxies.This video clip gives a short introduction to the telescope and the science it will do:

Introduction to The E-ELT

Download: [MP4/29.4 MB] [WMV/25.1 MB]


The resources are grouped into two inspiring topics. The links below will take you to the downloadable resources for each of the topics.