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Looking at the Virgo cluster of galaxies, students will investigate what a galaxy is, what different types there are and how these galaxies are distributed within the cluster. By building a model of the cluster, students can investigate patterns relating to where the different types of galaxies are found, and form conclusions about how the cluster might have changed over time.

For an introduction to running the activities with your class, have a look at this video clip:

Download: [MP4/10.6 MB] [WMV/22.6 MB]

For further assistance and background information on galaxies, you can download a copy of the teacher's notes here.

Teacher's Notes [PDF 822 KB]

When running the activity independently, you may wish to show your class the video clip below to introduce the topic of galaxies to them.

Introduction to Galaxies

Download: [MP4/45.1 MB] [WMV/34.7 MB]

Pupil's Activity sheets:

Galaxies Fact Sheet [pdf 231KB]

Galaxies Task Sheet [pdf 131KB]

Galaxy Flags [pdf 129KB]

Galaxy Images:

Group 1 [pdf 2938KB]

Group 2 [pdf 2878KB]

Group 3 [pdf 3079KB]

Group 4 [pdf 2910KB]

Please note, all these resources are intended to be printed full colour. If you do not have access to a colour printer, please contact us and we will post out a full colour set.