Deep Space Activities


Using real data from stars which have been found to have planets orbiting them, students make models of these other 'solar systems'. Looking at their star and its planets, students can determine whether any of the planets could support life, and investigate how the system differs from our own Solar System. Ideally the class is split into 4 groups, each group having a different planet system to study.

For an introduction to running the activities with your class, have a look at this video:

Download: [MP4/13.6 MB] [WMV/26.7 MB]

For further assistance and background information on exoplanets, you can download a copy of the teacher's notes here.

Teacher's Notes [pdf 2496KB]

When running the activity independently, you may wish to use the following video clip to introduce the topic of exoplanets to your class:

Introduction to Exoplanets

Download: [MP4/39.7 MB] [WMV/32.7 MB]

Pupil's Activity sheets:

Exoplanet Fact Sheet [pdf 646KB]

Exoplanet Task Sheet [pdf 626KB]

Planet System Information Sheets:

Our Solar System [pdf 269KB]

55 Cancri [pdf 321KB]

Gliese 581 [pdf 264KB]

HR8799 [pdf 459KB]

Upsilon Andromedae [pdf 349KB]

Please note, all these resources are intended to be printed full colour. If you do not have access to a colour printer, please contact us and we will post out a full colour set.