Space Rocks from Royal Observatory Greenwich on Vimeo.

What are meteorites? This video explains how we get meteorites here on Earth and their origins, it is a great resource to show your class or group. If you are interested in borrowing some real meteorites please read the information below.

Loan Boxes


Meteorite Loan Scheme

Your class can have the chance to hold a real rock from space! The Down 2 Earth meteorite loan scheme allows you to borrow one of three boxes to bring the excitement of space into your classroom.

1. The meteorite box contains a range of meteorites and meteorite related items to encourage discussion about space environment and how objects come to Earth

2. The Moon box contains meteorites and rocks similar to those you would find on the moon and replicated moon dust

3. The Mars box contains meteorites and a Mars sample including simulated surface dust.

The Down2Earth website has useful resources to bring the topic to life including an impact calculator, where students can create a virtual impact on Earth by changing the size, speed and composition of an approaching asteroid or comet and a range of worksheets and activities suitable for all age groups.

To book please call 0131 668 8404 or e-mail with meteorites in the title.

STFC Lunar Rocks

You can borrow samples of Moon rock and meteorites, in STFC's Loan Scheme.

Valuable samples of moon rock and soil were brought back to Earth by NASA's Apollo astronauts. STFC is the only authorised source for the loan of this precious material to educational or scientific organisations within the United Kingdom. Five educational packages are available free of charge (including special security delivery/collection) for short term loans of lunar samples and meteorites.

The samples were collected during NASA's manned space missions to the Moon in the late 1960s and early 1970s. During these missions the Apollo astronauts brought back to earth 382 kilograms of lunar material. NASA decided to use a small proportion of the rock and soil to develop lunar and planetary sciences educational packages.

Please give us at least four months notice for booking the lunar samples.

To borrow please visit Borrow the Moon