Into Deep Space

Into Deep Space - Anne Milne & Alberto Iordanov

'Into Deep Space' looks at the question of life outside of the solar system, focussing on the work of Dr Duncan Forgan – a theoretical astronomer from the University of Edinburgh – and Grant Miller, an observational astronomer based at the University of St Andrews. Grant uses the James Gregory Telescope in St Andrews to study exoplanets and part of Duncan’s work involves theoretical calculations and computer simulations – incorporating the latest exoplanet data – to improve our understanding of how and where we might expect to see life appearing in the Galaxy.

Anne Milne, independent filmmaker said 'The earth has a new dimension for me now - astronomy isn't just about looking into deep space, it's also about looking at ourselves.'

'What an incredible journey into space! This film made me appreciate where we stand in the vast universe around us. It was a unique experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.' Alberto Iordanov, ECA student filmmaker.

UCD Imagine Science Film Satellite Festival - 23rd July 2012

"Into Deep Space" has won a honorable mention at the UCD Imagine Science Film Satellite Festival.

SCINEMA 2012 - 19th June 2012

"Into Deep Space" has made the 'Jury Selection' stage for the Scinema Festival of Science Film in Brisbane.

Alberto Iordanov

Anne Milne

Anne Milne is a BAFTA award-winning Scottish filmmaker. In 2010 she completed an MFA in Film Directing at the Edinburgh College of Art. That same year she was a Trailblazer at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2010, which highlights the top 12 promising talents in the UK.

Her film María's Way was nominated for the European Film Award 2010, and won several awards while playing at numerous international film festivals, including IDFA 2010 where it was included in The Best of IDFA Tour 2010.

She was selected for the 2011 Berlinale Talent Campus, and after being awarded a WorldView Multi Media Grant, she travelled to Nepal in Spring 2011 to shoot a short film, Himalayan Sisters.

You can see more of her work by visiting her personal website

Alberto Iordanov

Alberto Iordanov

Alberto Iordanov is from Sofia, Bulgaria. He is currently a 3rd year student at the Edinburgh College of Art studying BA(Hons) Film and Television. He has a strong interest and experience in personal documentary films as well as experimenting with the visual medium.

Dr Duncan Forgan

Duncan Forgan is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh, who studies very young star systems in the stages before planet formation can occur. In this phase, the system consists of a protostar and a disc of dust and gas orbiting it - this disc provides the feedstock from which planets can be grown. Understanding these discs helps astronomers to explain the dizzying variety of extrasolar planets we see in our Galaxy. Duncan uses computer simulations to evolve these discs and study the planet formation that occurs within them.

Duncan is also interested in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)and carries out theoretical calculations and computer simulations which fold in the latest exoplanet data, improving our understanding of where and when we might expect to see Life appearing in the Galaxy.

Grant Miller

Grant Miller is a post-graduate student in the extrasolar planet research group at the University of St Andrews. Using the James Gregory Telescope in St Andrews and the SuperWASP survey, Grant searches for exoplanets by the transit method.