Special Projects

We are always involved in special grant-funded projects. We experiment with ways of communicating the latest developments astronomy and space and reaching new audiences.

We share this project work with others involved in science education and communication in the UK through our long-term Dark Sky and Big Telescopes programmes.

Dark Sky Discovery

Current projects are:

Making Sense of Astronomy:

A Scottish Government Talking Science grant-funded project, working with Deaf scientists and linguists to help make astronomy more accessible to the Deaf community by creating new British Sign Language specific to astronomy. This project builds on the work already carried out by Dr Audrey Cameron, Gary Quinn and their team, creating a BSL Science Glossary. The astronomy signs can be found on the Scottish Sensory Centre website.

ESERO Scotland:

The European Space Education Regional Office for Scotland (ESERO Scotland) is a networking project to enhance and support the way space is used as a context for STEM teaching and learning, by improving collaboration among organisations in Scotland. It is part of a wider UK programme.

ESERO Website

Recently Completed Projects:

Wish You Were Here? Searching for Exoplanets

A Scottish Government Science Engagement grant-funded project, informing the Scottish public about exciting work in Scotland relating to the study of exoplanets - planets outside of our Solar System - through 2 short documentary films. This project is a collaboration between The Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art and the University of St Andrews. You can find out more about the project and where you can see the films here


Ingenious - Big Telescopes for Big Questions:

This project supports engineers at the observatory in inspiring secondary school students about their work on giant telescope projects. It is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering