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Property isMosaic

Used to determine whether or not the fields comprise a mosaic or map setup. When used with single pointings then the pointings form a customised mosaic if this boolean is true. Otherwise they are separate, individual, single fields.
When used with a single rectangle definition this boolean may be ignored, as the rectangle is by definition a "mosaic". However, it may be best to set to true to avoid any doubt.
When ised with multiple rectangle definitions its purpose is as yet undefined. (And this concept is not yet supported). Again for now it may be best to set it to true, but future use case of this scenario may change this.

General Info
Name isMosaic 
Type  Boolean 
Visibility private 
Default Value 
Owner  TargetParameters 
Multiplicity 0..1 
Is Read Only false 
Is Static false 
Aggregation none 
Is Derived false