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Property sideBand

This denotes the net sideband of this spectral window. This is the overall sideband considering all the local oscillators (LO's) that are involved in producing this spectral window. For ALMA this includes the first LO, second LO, sampling LO and, if an FDM mode is used, the tunable filter bank (TFB) LO. Normally for ALMA the lower sideband of the second LO and sampling LO and the upper sideband of the TFB LO are used. So this field will reflect the first LO sideband that is used. For double sideband receivers (DSB) receivers this field indicates which sideband is to be produced by LO offsetting and/or 90 degrees phase switching. Allowed values are USB and LSB.

General Info
Name sideBand 
Type  SideBands 
Visibility private 
Default Value NOSB 
Owner  AbstractSpectralWindow 
Is Read Only false 
Is Static false 
Aggregation none 
Is Derived false