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Property doD180demodulation

If doD180demodulation = TRUE then '180-degree demodulation' is performed in the CIP module, else, no '180-degree demodulation' is performed. The '180-degree demodulation' cancels the '180 degrees anti-demodulation' in the DTS receiver if doD180modulation = TRUE. Or the '180-degree demodulation' cancels the 180 degrees modulation performed in the LO, if neither the 180 degrees demodulation in the DTS transmitter nor '180-degree anti-demodulation' in the DTS receiver are performed. The doD180demodulation must be TRUE when doD180modulation = TRUE, because '180-degree anti-demodulation' must be canceled if the '180-degree anti-demodulation' is performed.

General Info
Name doD180demodulation 
Type  Boolean 
Visibility private 
Default Value 
Owner  ACAPhaseSwitchingConfiguration 
Is Read Only false 
Is Static false 
Aggregation none 
Is Derived false