Supercool Astronomy in Edinburgh

Events at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh are a great way to help you take advantage of the long dark winter nights we have here in Scotland. Not only do we have these extra hours of darkness, but we are also blessed with many rural areas which do not suffer from light pollution, meaning we have even more opportunities for stargazing.

Winter Talks Programme

If you’re not sure where to look or what to look for when stargazing, then what better way to find out than by attending the our Winter Talks. The season kicks off on Monday 29th October with Russell Eberst’s guide to ‘The Night Sky in November’. Other talks in the series include ‘Supercool Astronomy in Edinburgh’ which will be given by the director of the UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Prof Ian Robson; ‘50 Years of the Space Age’ to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of Sputnik 1; and a handy guide ‘How to Use you Telescope’ in early January – perfect for those who have been given a telescope for Christmas but are not sure how to use it.

Public Observing Evenings

We also run regular Public Observing Evenings, every Friday night from 7pm. There is the opportunity to observe the heavens from the rooftop using our telescopes, with experts on hand to help you find your way around the night sky. And, if the Scottish weather lets us down, these events are an excellent opportunity to find out more about the history of the Observatory and the amazing technology developed here today and to take part in other activities such as meteorite handling.

Notes for Editors:

For a full list of the Winter Talks, and more details about the Public Observing Evenings, please see our website

The Winter Talks run every Monday evening, 7:30pm-8:30pm and there is no need to book for these. The cost is £3 for adults, £1.50 for children/concessions. Season tickets are also available.

The Public Observing Evenings run every Friday evening, 7pm-8:45pm. Booking is essential for these events and the cost is £4 for adults, £3 for children/concessions.

For bookings and enquiries please call 0131 668 8404 or email


ROE by Night

Royal Observatory Edinburgh by night (copyright ROE)



Sombrero Gallaxy

Sombrero galaxy (copyright NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA))