Cosmic Explorers: Mapping the Universe

Royal Observatory, Edinburgh Annual Public Lecture

Speaker: Professor Andrew Lawrence
Venue: The Biosphere, Our Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh
Date and time: Wednesday 9 November 2005, 6.30 p.m.
Admission: Free

Join us to explore the Universe using the very latest astronomical maps!

Surveying the heavens and cataloguing the observable stars and galaxies has been a focus of astronomers from Ptolemy to those working today at observatories throughout the world. Professor Lawrence will describe the history of mapping the Universe, highlighting the progress made in understanding our surroundings with breathtaking images from ground and space observatories. The talk will be suitable for a general audience.


Andrew Lawrence is Regius Professor of Astronomy at the Institute for Astronomy and is Head of the School of Physics at the University of Edinburgh. A well-known and lively public speaker, Professor Lawrence has diverse research interests including high-energy astrophysics in the regions surrounding massive black holes in active galactic nuclei, large-scale public surveys in x-rays and the infrared, and new initiatives in information technology applied to all manner of astronomy data.


Vela super-nova remnant

The Vela super-nova remnant, all that remains of a massive star in the disk of our own Galaxy. The image illustrates the ultimate fate of all stars heavier than about six times the mass of the Sun: they end their lives in a spectacular super-nova explosion, spewing vast amounts of material over a huge region of inter-stellar space.

Credit: Anglo-Australian Observatory/Royal Observatory Edinburgh


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