IT Group

What we do

The IT Group leaves computer programming to the separate Software Engineering Group and takes care of the general purpose computing resources of the Royal Observatory (ROE), i.e. the UK Astronomy Technology Centre (ATC) and the Institute for Astronomy (IfA).

Internet connection

The Royal Observatory is connected via the Edinburgh and Stirling Metropolitan Area Network (EaStMAN) to the Joint Academic Network (JANET). JANET is the part of the Internet on which the universities and research councils in the United Kingdom are connected. Our bandwidth to EaStMAN is currently 1 Gbit/s.

The local area network is connected to and separated from the Internet through a local Internet router and fire wall. We maintain Web servers for the public and for internal use. There is also the main anonymous FTP server.

Work stations and servers

There are two types of general purpose work stations, those running Windows and those running Debian GNU/Linux.

Who we are

The members of the IT Group are:

IT Group Staff
Ewan Brown Head of IT Group
Windows management
Ewan.Brown @
Horst Meyerdierks Linux management
Network management
H.Meyerdierks @
Ricardo Alvarado Computing support Ricardo.Alvarado @
Edward Mitchell Computing support Ed.Mitchell @
Philip Symonds Computing support Philip.Symonds @