External access

  1. Electronic mail
  2. Web servers
  3. FTP servers
  4. Remote user access
  5. Intranet

Electronic mail

Regarding email addresses, our user community is split into two halves, those with "@roe.ac.uk" addresses and those with "@stfc.ac.uk" addresses. See the phone list for details. Mailing lists hosted at ROE are in a separate domain "@lists.roe.ac.uk".

Junk e-mail (spam) is not welcome at our site; please refrain from sending or forwarding such messages to our users. We may reject or silently suppress e-mail by a variety of criteria. If you experience problems sending genuine e-mail to our users, try to report this to postmaster@roe.ac.uk; such messages are not subject to most of the anti-spam checks. If this does not succeed, contact your correspondent at our site by other means so that they can report the problem to IT Group.

Executable attachments - including viruses - are not welcome at our site. Such messages may be dropped silently. If you have genuine reason to send executable files, please encode these into archive formats, such as .tar, .tgz, .zip etc. before attaching them to your message. Also explain in the plain-text part of your message what the attachments are and why you send them. Our users are advised not to open unexpected attachments.

The table shows details for mail user agent configuration for our users.

Electronic Mail
SMTP server smtp.roe.ac.uk:25
roe.ac.uk IMAP server imap.roe.ac.uk:143
stfc.ac.uk IMAPS server imap.stfc.ac.uk:993
roe.ac.uk webmail server https://webmail.roe.ac.uk
stfc.ac.uk webmail server https://webmail.stfc.ac.uk

Web servers

Web Servers
Server URL
Royal Observatory Edinburgh http://www.roe.ac.uk/
UK Astronomy Technology Centre http://www.roe.ac.uk/atc/
Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh http://www.roe.ac.uk/ifa/
Royal Observatory Visitor Centre http://www.roe.ac.uk/vc/
Royal Observatory Edinburgh TWiki webs https://forge.roe.ac.uk/
Royal Observatory Edinburgh Software Forge https://forge.roe.ac.uk/
Royal Observatory Edinburgh mailing lists https://lists.roe.ac.uk/

FTP server

There is a general FTP server. Remote access to this is anonymous-only and read-only:

FTP Servers
Server URL
Royal Observatory Edinburgh ftp://ftp.roe.ac.uk/

Remote user access

Subject to registration of their IP address, remote users can access some of our systems via Secure Shell (SSH). The following are our OpenSSH servers that support the SSH2 protocol.

OpenSSH Servers
Serveroperating system
katrine.roe.ac.uk Debian GNU/Linux
blackford.roe.ac.uk Debian GNU/Linux
braid.roe.ac.uk Debian GNU/Linux

ROE users can find more details in the Computing User Notes on Secure Shell. There is also a step by step guide to PuTTY and FileZilla. This is aimed at ROE Windows users, but may include generally useful hints at using SSH tunnels for email and web-browsing.


The term "intranet" seems to mean an internal information server that uses the same technology as a public web server. Some intranet servers do this as a byproduct of their main function. We also run two general intranet servers in much the same way as the web servers, except that access is restricted to our own users:

Intranet Links
Location Title URL
Royal Observatory Edinburgh http://intra.roe.ac.uk/
UK Astronomy Technology Centre http://intra.roe.ac.uk/atc/
IT Group http://intra.roe.ac.uk/atc/computing/
Internal Apache-based web server http://apache.roe.ac.uk/
Internal TWiki webs http://apache.roe.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view