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Prof Wayne Holland
Prof Wayne Holland


The Royal Observatory Edinburgh is holding a symposium of remembrance for UK ATC scientist Professor Wayne Holland, who sadly died of cancer on May 22nd 2019. Wayne made a huge number of contributions to submillimetre astronomy and many astronomers will have benefited from his work and help, especially the support of SCUBA he gave in Hawaii and of course his leadership of SCUBA-2. We are organising a day of talks, each of approximately 20 minutes, from friends and colleagues reminiscing of their work with Wayne. The date will be Thursday February 13th 2020 and it will be held at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. The talks will start at 1030 preceded by coffee/tea from 1000 and will end by 1800. There will be an evening dinner for those who are interested and further details will be provided later.

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Start/Finish Mins Speakers Description
1030-1050 20 Ian Robson Welcome, housekeeping and Introduction
1050-1120 30 Peter Ade & Matt Griffin The Early Years
1120-1150 30 Colin Cunningham The design, development and testing of SCUBA
1150-1220 30 Walter Gear SCUBA at the JCMT and 'Mr SCUBA'
1220-1315 55 lunch  
1315-1330 15 Gordon Stacey Support of SPIFI
1330-1350 20 Gary Davis SCUBA-2: the big picture and support of the FTS 
1350-1425 35 Mike Macintosh and Anthony Walton SCUBA-2: The long and bumpy road to Hawaii.
1425-1445 20 Derek Ward-Thompson Wayne's legacy in polarimetry
1445-1505 20 Gillian Wright The later years and CubeSats 
1505-1540 35 tea  
1540-1600 20 Mark Wyatt Hunting for planets in stardust
1600-1620 20 Jenny Hatchell Galactic Star formation from SCUBA and SCUBA-2
1620-1640 20 Ian Smail The extragalactic legacy of SCUBA-2 and ALMA follow-up
1640-1700 20 Kristen Coppin SHADES: SCUBA's final legacy
1700-1720 20 Jim Dunlop From UKT14 to SCUBA: the extragalactic breakthrough
1720-1730 10 Gillian Wright Summing up
1900-2200    dinner Blonde: 75 St. Leonard's Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9QR

Ian Robson, Walter Gear, Jane Greaves, Jim Dunlop and Gillian Wright.
October 2019