Information Office People

Olivia Johnson and Ian Sheret

The infomation office is currently run by Olivia and Ian, who are both PhD students at the Institute for Astronomy. Olivia is studying x-ray emission from distant galaxies, to probe galaxy evolution in the universe. Ian is studying dust disks around nearby stars, and trying to understand how these dust disks are related to the planet formation process in our solar system, and perhaps to planet formation around other stars.

Rachel Mason and Andrew Digby

Rachel and Andrew are also studying for their PhDs at the Institute for Astronomy, and began their work at the Information Office about two years ago, successors to Kenton and Peter. Andrew's study is in understanding the structure and formation history of our Galaxy from the motions of ancient stars, using scans of photographic plates from the SuperCOSMOS plate measuring machine based here at the Royal Observatory. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys volleyball, travel, and outdoor pursuits. In Rachel's research, she looks at the links between galaxies and their interstellar dust. The thing she likes best at the moment is probably curry, although she also likes doing most of the things you can do in mountains, and is a hopeless but keen squash player.

Kenton D'Mellow and Peter Watts

Kenton and Peter have now completed their PhDs and now hold postdoctoral positions in astronomy. Kenton specialises in the motion of the "Local Group" - the small group of galaxies, of which ours is one - using surveys of the positions of nearby galaxies. Peter's specialisation is in the estimation of so-called "Cosmological Parameters" - parameters that help define our universe - again using large surveys of galaxy positions. Both Kenton and Peter were involved with the Information Service for much of their PhDs, and as a consequence, have had the opportunity to research far wider aspects of astronomy than their regular study would dictate. Outside of work, Peter enjoys fine food, good company, and playing his guitar. Kenton enjoys playing pool, films, and attempting to play the piano


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