The Science of Astronomy

Some of these fascinating sites are aimed at answering "kid's homework" questions and satisfying your curiosity about our universe. For those who would like more detail, we have included some more advanced scientific tutorials.


* Windows to the Universe
A great tour from NASA around the solar system, and beyond. An excellent educational resource.
* The nine planets
Another educational resource for the nine planets and their satellites.

More Advanced

* From Stargazers to Starships
Another excellent NASA site. A comprehensive book-on-the-web covering the Earth's motion in space, Newtonian mechanics, the Sun, spaceflight and spacecraft. A good teaching resource.
* Electromagnetic Spectrum
A brief introduction to the astronomer's most vital resource: radiation.
* The Nature of Stars
An excellent site providing an introduction into the nature of stars, their processes and how they vary. Also tackles a variety of astronomical subjects.
* Cambridge Relativity Public Home Page
Cosmology, black holes, cosmic strings, inflation, quantum gravity...
* Cosmology: An Overview
A more advanced briefing on the state of the art of research cosmology.


* Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves
A vast repository of information, containing definitions of just about any astronomical (and physical and mathematical...) term you care to name.
* Sciencenet FAQs about astronomy
If you've got a question, it's probably been answered here.

Historical Background

* Notable Astronomers
A concise list of well-known astronomers throughout history. For a more comprehensive guide visit the Biographies Index.

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