AAO/UKST H-alpha image (left) and follow-up AAT Taurus-Tunable Filter (TTF) confirmatory image (right) of one of the first new Planetary nebulae found from the survey

This new PNe discovery was found on exposure HA17702 (field centre 19h12m, -12deg B1950). The images are about 2.6 x 2.6 arcminutes with the top left hand corner being in the North-East. The TTF image is a colour composite formed from 3 seperate 500sec exposures centred on the H-alpha, [NII] and [SII] regions (Red:Green:Blue). The planetary nebulae is confirmed giving confidence in the veracity of our visual search criteria on the original AAO/UKST H-alpha films. The [SII] was quite weak and contributes little to the image. Note that the composite depth of this AAT CCD image is comparable to the UKST H-alpha 3-hour exposure. The TTF observations were kindly performed by Brian Boyle & Steve Lee in Nov.1997.