AAO/UKST H-alpha exposure of part of the Orion nebula region taken for the Masheder et al. non-survey project.

The negative image shown was taken from a 3 hour H-alpha exposure (HA17828) of the Orion Nebula region using the new H-alpha interference filter and Tech-Pan emulsion as the detector. The scanned image is 3.7 x 5.5 degrees with the top left hand corner being in the North-East and viewed `emulsion up'. The horse-head nebula forms part of the top nebula concentration on the left hand-side but is virtually lost in the intense emission.

Same as above except that contrast enhancement has been applied to bring out the remarkable wealth of faint detail.

Small 1.1 x 1.1 degree area of detail from the above contrast enhanced image with NE to top left centred approximately at position: (1950) 05:40:06, -05:11:19.