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Compiling and Linking

The SCOSPOS routines are provided as eight subroutines plus one INCLUDE file. A possible procedure is to create a scospos.o file by using a command such as

 f77 -c -o scospos.o \
   scospos_adtoxy.f scospos_cocomm.f scospos_cocomo.f \
   scospos_cocoom.f scospos_prmo.f scospos_r2sgf.f scospos_readhk.f \

A FORTRAN program, called for example "test.f" which uses the routines can then be built by

..> f77 -o test test.f scospos.o ../sporthk/sporthk.o /star/lib/libsla.a

depending on where sporthk.o and libsla.a are to be found.

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