HiZELS: The High-z Emission line survey


HiZELS, the High Redshift(Z) Emission Line Survey, is a panoramic extragalactic survey using the WFCAM instrument on the 3.8-m UK Infrared Telescope (UKIRT). The survey uses a set of existing and custom-made narrow-band filters in the J , H and K bands to detect emission line galaxies up to z=9 over square degree areas of extragalactic sky. Important results on the nature, clustering and evolution of star-forming galaxies have already been published in Geach et al. (2008), Sobral et al. (2009a,b), Garn et al. (2010), Sobral et al.(2010a) and Sobral et al. (2011a,b). An overview/summary of some of the results is presented in Best et al. (2010). This website contains information regarding the project, target fields, the main science results and follow-up and related projects.



A UKIRT/WFCAM SUrvey for HIGH-Z Emission line galaxies