DUEL kick-off meeting, 8-9 October 2007, Edinburgh U.K.

  • Outline

    DUEL is a Marie-Curie European Research Training Network supporting a number of postdocs and PhD students at DUEL nodes across Europe. The aim of DUEL is to exploit the three main Weak Lensing Surveys currently being undertaken with European participation, CFHTLS, VST-KIDS and Pan-STARRS to study dark matter and dark energy. To do this we need to exchange and develop methods and tools.

    The DUEL Kick-Off Meeting will be to introduce DUEL to the DUEL Research Fellows and PhD students, to discuss the scientific background to gravitational lensing, weak lensing analysis and the basic tools, as well as current updates on recent research.

  • Venue

    The meeting will take place at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, on Blackford Hill to the South of Edinburgh. See here for directions.

  • Accommodation

    Here we recommend accommodation for the meeting. Please arrange your own accommodation with Hotels and/or Guest House. To ensure availablity please book as soon as possible.

    Salisbury Green Hotel
    Pollock Halls,
    18 Holyrood park Road
    EH16 5AY
    Tel: 0131 662 2000
    Email: Salisbury.green[AT]ed.ac.uk
    prices from £69-£79

    The Salisbury Hotel
    43 Salisbury Road,
    EH16 5AA
    Tel: 0131 667 1264
    Email: enquiries[AT]the-salisbury.co.uk
    prices from £50

    MacDonald Holyrood Hotel
    81 Holyrood Road,
    EH8 8AU
    Tel: 0131 550 4500
    prices from £100

    Minto Guest House
    23 Minto Street,
    EH9 1RQ
    Tel: 0131 667 6153
    Fax: 0131 667 3967
    Email: info[AT]mintohouse.co.uk
    prices from £50

    For more accommodation possibilities please click here.

  • Social event

    There will be a dinner on the evening of Monday 8th Oct at St Leonards Hall near Holyrood Park. We recommend accommodation nearby (see Accommodation above).

  • Local organising committee

    N. Dupin, P. Simon, F. Simpson and A. Taylor (chair)