UK E-ELT Science Workshop II

Stellar Populations with the European ELT

Venue: IoA, Cambridge; Dates: 17 & 18th September 2009

The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) will revolutionise our view of stellar populations in the local Universe - from unlocking observations of heavily obscured star-formation/stellar clusters in the Milky Way, out to spectroscopy of evolved stars in galaxies beyond 10Mpc.

Identified as the first to be implemented of the two priority facilities for the coming decade by the ASTRONET Infrastructure Roadmap, the E-ELT project is now nearing the end of its 3-year detailed design phase. A full construction proposal will be finished in 2010, with potential first-light in 2018.

The UK is one of the major partners involved in studies for potential E-ELT instruments, industrial studies for the telescope design, and continued development of the science case. This informal workshop will enable the UK research community to learn about the E-ELT project and the instrument studies. It will provide an important opportunity to contribute to the science case and definition of requirements in this key period ahead of a likely bid to the Large Facilities Capital Fund in 2010, where it will meet with stiff competition from projects across the whole of the RCUK.

The workshop includes an overview of the E-ELT project by the ESO Project Office, review talks from Rob Kennicutt and Jarle Brinchmann, and over 15 contributed talks spanning studies of resolved stellar populations in the Local Volume, stellar clusters, and stellar populations in the low-redshift Universe.

Science Programme

Confirmed Participants

We encourage potential E-ELT users to participate, especially students, postdocs and those new to the project - if you are interested in attending please contact Chris Evans (chris.evans .at. A limited amount of funding remains available to assist with travel expenses, with preference given to students and those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Three slots remain for contributed talks, please contact Chris Evans if you want to give a talk.

Start : 11am, Thurs 17th September
End : 3pm, Fri 18th September

Travel funding:

We look forward to seeing many of you,
  Chris Evans
  Isobel Hook
  Gerry Gilmore
  Paul Crowther


More Information on the E-ELT:
   ESO E-ELT pages - exposure time calculators and technical data
   UK E-ELT Project Pages - overview of the UK's role in the project

Practical Advice:
   Acommodation suggestions: Visit Cambridge / Hotel Felix / Hamilton Hotel
   Arundel House Hotel & Ashley House Hotel
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