UK E-ELT Science Workshop

Exo-planets and Proto-stars with the European ELT

Edinburgh, 2nd & 3rd April 2009
Lecture Theatre, Royal Observatory Edinbugh


The European ELT (E-ELT) is currently in the detailed design phase leading to a proposal for construction and, following approval, first light in ~2018. Studies for eight potential E-ELT instruments and two adaptive optics modules are also underway, many with strong UK involvement. In parallel, the E-ELT project is currently seeking community input (via the Design Reference Science Plan (DRSP), including ideas for science cases and corresponding requirements.

This informal workshop will provide an opportunity for the UK research community to learn about the current status and plans for the E-ELT and its instruments, and to contribute to the science case and definition of requirements in this key period.

The meeting includes contributed talks followed by discussions on the relevant E-ELT instrument capabilities. The science covered by the workshop includes current research in the field of exo-planets, sub-stellar objects, stellar disks and protostars, and possible directions for future uses of the E-ELT in these fields. It is expected that similar workshops focussed on other science fields will follow.

Science Programme


Potential E-ELT users are encouraged to participate, especially students, postdocs and those new to the project. Some funding is available to help with travel expenses [contact Isobel Hook for further details.]

For more information on the European ELT, including links to the DRSP, exposure time calculators and technical data for making simulated images, see the ESO E-ELT pages.