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WFCAM Optics Manufacturing

WFCAM contains six major new optical elements. Five of these (secondary mirror, tertiary mirror, field lens, window and field flattening lens) were made by SESO. The aspheric corrector plate was made by AMOS.

Additionally, the science filters were manufactured by NDC Infrared Engineering and Research Electro-Optics Inc. and the auxiliary autoguider lenses by Spanoptic.


September 2004

Corrector Plate Acceptance Test images - AMOS, Sept 04

August 2003
VV Window The vacuum vessel window on delivery from SESO. Shown in transporter container.
Field lens from shipping crate The field lens being removed from its shipping crate.
Field lens in container The field lens on delivery from SESO. Shown in transport container.
July 2003
Field Flattening Lens The field flattening lens following delivery from SESO. Shown in its transport container
Bezel fit Fit test of the field flattening lens.
May 2003
Large Spherical Mirror The large spherical mirror for testing of the corrector plate under test at AMOS
Corrector Plate Mount The mount for the corrector plate whilst under test at AMOS. Behind it can be seen the folding flat which will also be used in the test setup
February 2003
aspheric corrector The aspheric corrector plate being machined at AMOS
field lens polished The field lens being polished at SESO
vacuum window The polished and tested vacuum window at SESO, prior to anti-reflection coating
field lens prior testing The field flattening lens, prior to final testing and anti-reflection coating
January 2003
M2 lightweight The secondary mirror following completion of rough machining and lightweighting at SESO
tertiary The tertiary mirror following rough machining and lightweighting at SESO
The pockets for the mirror flexures can be seen.
blank M2 test lens The blank for the secondary mirror test lens is received at SESO
September 2002
corrector plate The corrector plate blank being received by AMOS
field lens The window and field lens blanks at SESO
field flattener The field flattener blank at SESO
M2 The secondary mirror blank at SESO



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