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Integration & Test images

Click on thumbnails below to see larger version of photographs.

July 2003
Filter Arm Filter arm undergoing tests.
Handling Rig Handling rig and bezel for tertiary mirror.
Detector Circuit Board Detector circuit board and flexi-cables.
Temp control Temperature control and motor drive rack.
Field Flattener Delivery field-flattener lens from SESO.
Cryostat Cryostat assembly prior to Cooldown 2.
Science Grade Rockwell science grade detector.
April 2003
WFCAM optical tube Assembly of WFCAM Optical Tube and Radiation Shield
Part Assy cryo Part-assembled WFCAM cryostat with MLI
LN Cooldown LN cooldown of cryostat. The refrigerator is in the centre of baseplate
Assembled WFCAM Cryostat Assembled WFCAM cryostat



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